Summer Restock is Live

Important Information

Ways to Reach Us! 


FB Group :

Instagram: @ashesscents



Ready to Ship, Customs & Pre-Sales

I do do a little bit of everything. You can email me at or through the contact form on the website or even just PM me on facebook messenger and I can help you out. I try to put out product every month to every month and a half but it could change to sooner in the future.


If there is an issue with you order please let me know as soon as possible through email or private message. I do not do refunds but I always want the customer to have a good experience from me so let me know so I can help.

As much as i would love to i can not give away free shipping codes for small orders. Flat rate shipping is already discounted for my customers as on Average it costs me 11.00 to ship. With rising costs in the industry I am working hard to find a balance that works for everyone. If you place an order and it fits in a small regional rate box then i will refund the overage.

Turn Around Time

Ready to Sell: I ship same week unless I am on vacation but I will let you know if that is the case. 

PreSale and Custom PreSales: Presales can take me up to 8 weeks depending on how many orders I get. I like to give myself breathing room as well but honestly I put in a lot of hours during production to get stuff out as fast as I can. 

Ethics and Environment
I work hard to research every ingredient I use in my product. If I wouldn’t use it myself I definitely wouldn’t sell it. I don’t use animal fats in my products. I either use sustainable palm oils or go with a no palm. My colorants are ethically mined and do not use animal product in them. I also have a strong stance on using cruelty free ingredients. If you have any questions on an ingredient let me know.
I want go from poly bags to paper for non wax products eventually but if you want it now let me know. I use recyclable paper and paper shredding in my packaging bc it’s biodegradable. I work hard to give you all reasonably priced products and good quality products with as little impact on our environment as possible. Let me know if you have suggestions I am always happy to look into new ways to help our environment.