Luxury Scrubs for all Skin Types

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Give your Skin the Care it Deserves

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Face Mask

Face Masks are a Fun way to Pamper your Skin.

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Wax Melts

Wax Melts Help Us Unwind without the Need for a Flame! Just Chop, Add to Warmer and Enjoy!

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Soothe Your Soul Through Scent

We want to provide you with the most relaxing experience! We careful craft and blend most fragrances before putting them in bath, body or home fragrance! This means you will be able to choose uniquely crafted items. Our goal at Ashes is to give you a soothing shopping experience from luxury products all the way through to our amazing cutomer service.

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Skin Care

Skin care is really important to us. We offer a variety of infused skin care which customers find very realxing and calming! Our skin care is never greasy and we offer a variety of textures from thick lotions all the way up to ultra thick lotions.

Wax Melts

We love wax melts. We find them relaxing, luxurious and fun! Our melts are highly scented and added to our custom blended wax to provide hours of scent throughout your house.

Hair Care

We offer various Hair Care products. Our personal favorites are the detangler and the serum followed by the clarifying shampoo which contains himilayan salt and it smells good too!